Project name
Whitby Harbour Swing Bridge
North Yorkshire
Market area


In order to refurbish the Whitby Harbour Swing Bridge, considerable care was needed to ensure that surface preparation and application did not interfere with either the flow of traffic using the bridge, or the swing bridge operations during high tides.
Surface Preparation
Last painted in 1984, the structure was corroding with particular problems on the bolt heads and edges. Surfaces were hand prepared to St2 standard of EN ISO 8501-1:2007 using a combination of wire brushes, scrapers and mechanical tools. Hydro blasting was used to remove salt contamination.
The main span, bolt heads, leading edges and ornamental steelwork were patch primed with Corroless EPF, followed by 2 full coats of EPF, and a final coat of Corroless RF65. Officially opened back in 1909, the appearance and corrosion protection of the Whitby Harbour Swing Bridge has been considerably enhanced thanks to Corroless anti-corrosion systems.
Minimum expected service life 15 Years in accordance with Network Rail Specification NR/L3/CIV/039 (Corroless / Scientifics Approval Certificate XM92/M24-084).
An inspection 11 years after the work was completed showed the bridge to be in good condition and requiring no further treatment.