Project name
Dockyard Cranes
Great Yarmouth
Market area


Six dockyard cranes, in a marine/coastal environment, were showing the usual corrosion problems associated with salt and moisture attack. In a competitive tender situation, it was apparent that non-Corroless bidders were quoting on three and four coat systems.
Surface Preparation
Surfaces were degreased and then hand prepared to St2 standard of EN ISO 8501-1:2007, washed with fresh water and allowed to dry.
By using one coat of Corroless S High Build, followed by one full coat of Corroless RF16, substantial labour savings were made, enabling Corroless to win the contract whilst still providing the protection required. Corroless EPF provided the ideal coating for the chassis areas due to its excellent durability and toughness.
Super structure
Product (per coat) DFT (per coat) Colour
Corroless SHB 90 microns Buff
Corroless RF16 50 microns Red
Corroless EPF 200 microns Buff
Corroless EPF 200 microns Black

A life to first maintenance of 10 years was expected