Project name
Cooling Water Screen
Petroleum Refinery
Market area


Long term protection was required for equipment immersed in sea water and subject to abrasion.
Surface Preparation
The screens were pressure washed with fresh water to remove any salt contamination prior to blast cleaning to Sa2½ of ISO EN ISO 8501-1:2007, to a profile of 50 to 75 microns. Preparation was completed by a further fresh water wash to remove any dust created.
Two coats of Corroless EPF were applied

Product (per coat) DFT (per coat) Colour
Corroless EPF 200 microns Buff
Corroless EPF 200 microns Black

The screens were put back into service and the performance compared with a screen coated with a competitor’s product. The competitor’s product failed after two months. The screens coated with Corroless EPF were still perfect condition after 18 months, at which time the client adopted the Corroless system as standard.